License Bova Creative Art

Bova Creative has a wide variety of art available to license. We work with companies worldwide on collaborations that allow us to share our art with the world and bring a sophisticated level of design to many products.

Why Bova Creative?

Jenny's background in industrial design and interior design informs her decisions as a surface pattern designer. Clint has worked with many major manufacturers designing custom point of sale displays and packaging. We pride ourselves on creating things that can be made in efficient and innovative ways.

We're direct, honest, and kind. We don't want to over-complicate the process of using great art and developing an exceptional product line. We tend to favor short term flat-fee contracts that leave little work on the manufacturers side.

We can deliver files to your specifications. Indexed, AI, PS, vector, layered, and editable are all part of our vernacular. All artwork is in repeat or can be put into repeat as part of an additional service.

Check our consulting site for more about our services and to request access to our library of surface pattern designs.